I live in Brighton but work in London. I work for Queen Mary University London as the TechPathways project manager. The programme is funded by the Mayor Of London. I also work on Institute of Coding activities, which are supported by the Office for Students (OfS). For the NCCE programme, I help out each of the consortium partners in different ways, including reviewing pedagogy for primary CPD and resources.

At Queen Mary’s I also lecture on an undergraduate module on teaching computing in school, and help out on the writing of cs4fn and Teaching London Computing.

I am undertaking a part-time PhD with Paul Curzon at Queen Mary University of London investigating design in primary programming and have published several papers on this as well as on computing pedagogy in general. See my publications here.

I was a primary teacher for over 10 years and before that, I worked in the IT industry for 20 years as a developer.

In 2014, I was very fortunate to be selected to work on the Barefoot Project, writing resources to demystify the primary computing curriculum. I still support the programme on the content board and writing resources.

For Computing At School (CAS), I am a member of the board and the Chair of the Research and Universities Working Group. I am a member of the BCS curriculum and assessment board and member of a couple of the NCCE Hub steering boards.

I write for a number of computer science education publications and support teachers through many different training events.