So what is ABC.

ABC is a process for designing learning. The process has become popular in Universities to redesign undergraduate and graduate courses. It leads educators through a set of careful steps to design or move activities online.

ABC was created by UCL, initially to support medics in learning design.  Here is a more info from UCL on the background.

I have spoken to the team at UCL and they are very keen to support primary and secondary teachers to use the process.

Therefore, working with Rob Leeman, I am trialling CPD with a small group of teachers to see if we can adapt the process for our current context. This work is being undertaken as part of the CAS Research and CAS Curriculum working groups as well as part of my work with QMUL and TechPathways programme.

Normally ABC is introduced through a 90 minutes face to face hands-on workshop. We are converting this single workshop to two one hour online workshops, plus some homework time. Part of the trial is to find out if this works.

A small group of teachers have been regularly meeting to investigate whether ABC can be useful in school during lockdown (or beyond). Several teachers have now created ABC cards and are using these for CPD. We have published these on CAS. Here is the link to the main page. If you would like to get involved please contact me.